The Pitfalls Of Estate Planning Law For The Blended Family

Divorce and remarriage are now so common in our country that blended families have become the new norm. When two adults marry and either one or both of them have children from a previous relationship, the complications of dying without a will can lead to heartache and bitterness when a spouse dies. It's imperative that both adults have proper plans in place that follow estate planning law guidelines. If you've remarried and haven't yet met with a will lawyer, now is the time to get started.

Sudden Death Leads To Complications

While we all want to believe that a second spouse will take care of our children from a previous marriage, this is often not the case when one dies unexpectedly, particularly if there is a vindictive or angry ex in the picture. If a partner dies intestate, the surviving spouse may hold all the financial cards and could leave the decedent's children from a previous marriage out in the cold. On the other hand, if one person dies and has an old will in place that leaves everything to his former wife and their kids together, the new wife or husband and his or her descendents could be financially devastated. It's always best to talk to estate attorneys who are familiar with the myriad of inheritance statutes in your state so that they can help you address issues you may not have even thought about.

Estate Attorneys Can Set Up Trusts To Benefit Everyone

In many situations, a trust is the best way to protect all parties in a blended family, including new spouses, kids from either partner's previous relationships, and any new children born after the new family is forged. If a man dies after remarrying and has the appropriate trust in place, his widow could live comfortably on the proceeds of a trust that would then go to his children when she passes away. A will lawyer can help you set up a trust that is administered for the benefit of your surviving partner as well as kids from any prior relationships and your current relationship, ensuring that no one is left financially devastated.

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Why Buy Property On St Croix, the Largest of the US Virgin Islands

If you buy property in the U.S. Virgin Islands, you will see that because St. Croix is the largest of the U.S. Virgin Islands, you have many more choices of properties. Also, the island isn't as commercialized and you'll enjoy a casual laid back life style when participating in as many of the wonderful activities, that may interest you.

St. Croix is the largest of the U. S. Virgin Islands, and has a varied topography, from high hills 600 to 800 ft high, rolling hills and valleys, and beaches both rocky and sandy. If you buy property at the higher elevations, you seem to be viewing the island from an airplane, seeing the whole picture of hills, valleys and the ocean. If you buy property on a rolling hill or in a valley, you're surrounded by the lush vegetation and views of blue sky and rolling green hills. If you buy property on the beach, your view is of the ocean with waves crashing or rolling onto rocky shores or lapping at a sandy beach.